Knowing God’s Will For My Life

This is for the girl who is searching for God’s will.

For the girl who keeps waiting for the umpteenth green light.

This is for the girl who can’t decide if she should major in elementary education, pre med or business.

To the girl who doesn’t know what to do with her summer.

And this is for the girl who doesn’t know if she should go out with this really great Christian guy or not (is he even the one?? Or am I just wasting my time??)



Because, sweet sisters, the question at the heart of God’s will isn’t, “what should I do?”. But rather, “do I love the Lord with all my heart, soul, strength, & mind and do I love my neighbor as myself?”

Pray for the things you already know are God’s will:
•pray for godly motives in your decision making
•pray for humility & teachability
•pray for His gospel to spread

You know He wants these things in the world and for your life.

Pray for them.

Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, as Jesus asked us to (Matt 6:33).

AND then after you have prayed + studied + sought advice, make a decision and don’t hyper-spiritualize it.

God has already determined how to fit our choices into his sovereign will.

So, die to self. Live for Christ. And then go where you want and do what you want for the glory of God.
For more, I highly recommend Kevin DeYoung’s Book: Just Do Something available on Amazon for under $10! It’s a read you don’t want to miss and provides a liberating way to understanding God’s will for your life in decision making, dating, marriage + more.

Caroline (@caromedlin) is an author, creative + the founder of She is passionate about women’s ministry + a firm believer in adoption. She is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University and currently calls Nashville home.

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