Abandon and Abide

What drives us to pray or read God’s word or sing worship songs or make sacrifices for the kingdom? Is it the guilt of feeling like our performance is what maintains our salvation, or is it the grace that’s been poured into us that brings us to our knees begging to give our all for our King who gave his all for us? For me, it’s easy sometimes to become guilt driven rather than grace driven. It’s easy to think that if I don’t pray that prayer every day then somehow it means less in the eyes of my Father in heaven. It’s easy to think that if I don’t routinely read the Bible every day and fill out at least one page in my journal than I must not be bearing fruit. But wow, that is so off. So far, I have not read anywhere in the Bible where the requirement is anything of that such. It isn’t about my page length or my prayer length, it’s about my heart for my king. None of the fruit or eternal treasure that is mentioned in the Bible stems from guilt or rigid stipulations like that. However, there is a responsibility driven by grace. For instance, in John 15 when Jesus is talking about how he is the true vine and we are the branches. We must remain in him to produce anything. “Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5c)

I want to be rooted in his love (Ephesians 3:17). I want to be driven by grace to sacrifice for the kingdom (Romans 12:1). I want to be so overwhelmed by the power of his grace that I do not look at the wind and the waves but I keep my eyes fixed on the one that the wind and the waves obey. I want to work so hard for the dreams he’s given me and callings he’s pushed me towards that I need the solitary rest with my Lord because I am so exhausted. I want to relentlessly stay up into the night finishing my prayers and not just voicing my prayers but listening and fighting with the Spirit so that my mind is renewed and I would know God’s will. My prayer is that we would rise up to give everything for what he’s given us and that we would lay down our doubts, our fears, our hearts and let the King above all kings reign in every ounce of our being. Sisters, now is the time to trust and abide in him day by day, hour by hour. One step at a time, let’s abide. Let’s remain in our vine and pour out his love into the world. Abandon and abide.

Amber (@amber_hoot) is an author + creative at thegracescripts.com. Amber plays soccer at her college, Middle Tennessee State University, and loves the opportunity that it gives her to share the Gospel with other student athletes. Amber lives in Tennessee.

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