Why We’re Just Like Wonder Woman

I’ve always been a fan of superhero movies, but have always been discouraged by the lack of female role models. Even though there’s Black Widow in the Avengers series, she’s the solitary heroine and has never received a stand-alone movie. But this summer, we’ve finally been given the superhero movie with need and deserve: Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is everything you look for in a summer flick; the action is engaging and the humor is appropriately tempered by the story’s plot. But what really caught my attention was Diana’s (Wonder Woman’s) motivation: love. Throughout the movie she encourages everyone she meets. Even if it means completely going out of her way, she will help anyone she can. Though she is constantly told that mankind doesn’t deserve her help, Diana responds, “It’s not about deserving. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.”

Friends, how many times have you felt like you don’t deserve forgiveness? That you don’t deserve to be happy? That instead of compassion and mercy, you deserve wrath and anger? I know I’m tempted to feel this way every day. For years, I’ve been crippled by my own insecurities: not allowing myself to feel happy, comparing myself and falling short to others, and distancing myself from God because I feel unworthy. And I honestly am unworthy. I don’t deserve love. But it’s not about what we deserve, dear sisters. Christ died for your sins because he loved you, not because you deserve it. God forgives your sins because the price has been paid, not because you deserve it. If you lived life based on what you deserved, you would always fall short. You can’t give enough compliments, donate enough money, or pray enough prayers to deserve salvation.

But all hope isn’t lost. Sisters, what do you believe? Every day, I choose to believe that I am loved. That while I may not deserve God’s love, He’s given it to me. That allows me to live freely in that love. I don’t have to keep myself from happiness, but I can find joy in Him. I don’t have to compare myself to others, but I can find fulfillment in Him. I don’t have to distance myself from God, but I can find my way back to Him. Because, as Paul writes, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” it does not matter what I deserve. If I believe in Christ, I believe in His love. In turn, I’m to share that love with others. If it’s not about deserving, then I need to reflect what I believe to everyone that’s wronged me. It’s not about what my friends, roommates, or enemies deserve. It’s about what I believe. And I believe in love.

I may not be able to rock that leotard or knock out Germans with a lasso. But I can be Wonder Woman where it really counts, and so can you. Let’s stop treating others and ourselves as we deserve. Instead, let’s show what we believe. I believe in love. Do you?

Becca Samelson (@beccsgrace) is a writer and managing editor at thegracescripts.com. She is a senior at Patrick Henry College. She loves cooking shows + debating + coffee. She lives in Virginia.

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