Your Social Media Story MATTERS

How do you portray yourself on social media? How many photos do you have to take before you achieve just the right camera angle that goes with the perfect filter? What is your goal when you post that perfect photo? More likes? Popularity? To gain followers? To be known for _______?
Social media can be used as a good thing. It helps connect people from all around the world that you other wise might never meet. Isn’t that amazing?
Older generations use social media to keep up with people and to save pictures of family memories. For example, my grandmother takes pictures constantly and uploads them to Facebook. Even the bad pictures! Ugh! She views Facebook as a way to share what is going on in her life. Our generation has lost what the purpose of picture is for–to remember memories.
Identities can be molded by social media by playing a part, coating a picture in a bunch of filters and photoshop, and slapping on a #liveauthentic hashtag to make it seem like we look that way in everyday life. We take thousands of pictures to find the best one because we know it’s bound to end up on social media. But why? Is it because we want to look a certain way or give off a good impression? Why do we want more followers instead of real friendships?

We want to create a better-than-real-life social media story because we think ours isn’t good enough. We think people won’t like the real, unfiltered, unphotoshopped us.

Something that I have to constantly remind myself is that I am loved just the way that I am. I am loved by the Creator of the world! He loved me enough to make me in HIS IMAGE. You are created in His image too! How cool is that? We do not need to strive for attention and acceptance from those around us, because we are completely known and completely accepted by Jesus Christ. His opinion of you is what really matters.

The more we try to become perfect, the more we see our flaws.

So, what is your heart motive? Do you want to be real and raw, or do you want to be someone you are not?
Next time you post on social media, think about where your identity lies. How is that reflected in your social media story?

Bailey (@bmsthe1) is an author at Bailey competes on the track team at her college, University of Alabama at Huntsville. Bailey lives in Alabama. 

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