“Who do you say I am?”

Imagine one of your best friends from school becoming the most talked about person across the region. Imagine going everywhere with them and people flocking to you because you’re with them. Everyone is talking about your friend and as we all know from celebrity gossip, people say all kinds of things. Some may say they’re a fake, others may say they’re the most amazing person ever! Although Jesus was not merely a celebrity, he was treated as such in his day. He was performing miracles and teaching with authority. He was upsetting the Pharisees and forgiving people of their sins. No one had ever done what Jesus was doing, and yet he asked tax collectors and fishermen to be his disciples. Although this comparison is in no means an accurate representation of who Jesus is, it would be like Peyton Manning asking the most unathletic kids in high school to play on his NFL team- talk about under-qualified. I picture Jesus walking up to James and John when they were in the boat and their dad being like “Uhm, excuse me, first off who are you? And second off, why the heck would you want my fishermen sons to follow you?” There’s a reason they were fishermen and not religious leaders. And yet, Jesus called them.

If you’re reading this, most likely you also have received a similar call to follow him. You’ve probably left something of your old self to put on the new self in Christ. Jesus does not always lead us to comfortable places, most times he leads us into unknown territory so we really must trust him. We seek to be obedient, we want to be faithful to him. We pray before the day starts “Lord help me follow you today!” We try to align our hearts with his and take each step in his direction. It can be hard sometimes, a lot of times actually because we are continually dying to ourselves so that we may live for him. Death is never easy, but yet through the resurrection we are made victorious. For me, and I’m sure some of you can relate to this, its easy to get tired. Sometimes you’ve followed out into a white space and are waiting for something, anything to show that he is there with you. Sometimes you’re in the valley and have not heard his sweet whisper yet. And sometimes you’re on the mountain top, not sure what to do with the peace that you have. No matter where you’ve followed Jesus, there’s one thing that I have to continually remind myself and that I encourage you to do too. Answer this question: Who is Jesus to you?

In Matthew 16, Jesus asks the disciples who everyone is saying he is. They tell him that some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, or maybe another prophet. But then Jesus says, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?” Simon answers, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”

Messiah- my Savior. Blessed redeemer. Hope and salvation. My purity. My righteousness. My refuge and strength. My friend. My fortress. My forever advocate. My rock. My song. My light in the darkness. My cry in the middle of the valley. My shepherd. My Lord. My teacher. He is faithful, funny, real, present- he is forever.

But what about you? Who do you say he is?

Amber (@amber_hoot) is an author + creative at thegracescripts.com. Amber plays soccer at her college, Middle Tennessee State University, and loves the opportunity that it gives her to share the Gospel with other student athletes. Amber lives in Tennessee.

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