Using Technology to Mature Your Faith

In last week’s post, I admitted that I’m at an interesting place in my relationship with Christ: I’ve felt a sense of silence from Him that has led me to feel like He isn’t there, that He doesn’t know what goes on in my life, or that He doesn’t care. But I’m thankful that these feelings are not true.

I’m thankful for this time to truly reflect on how much I am actively listening for the voice of God. I need to be willing to set aside the worries flooding my own mind. How can I possibly deactivate the distracting worries in my mind?

By taking advantage of what distracts me the most: technology.

Here is a starting place I’ve decided on to help me more actively listen for the voice of God:

  1. Scripture Typer App: If you’re like me, one of the first things you do after hitting snooze for the fifth time is open social media apps to see what you slept through. Instead, you could be starting the day off by meditating on God’s Word. I’ve found it difficult to read anything meaningful before my brain has fully woken up. So for me, beginning my day by working on Scripture memory is not only a way to align my first thoughts with God’s Word, but it also helps energize my mind for the day.
  2. Spotify: I think my music background makes me highly analytical of the music that I listen to. For that reason, I typically don’t like to listen to the same music; I need new music fairly regularly for my brain to analyze. So I love to find new artists to listen to via Spotify. Spotify has especially helped me find Christian artists that may not be featured on Christian radio. My favorite Christian album of all time is one I found through Spotify: “Come Away” by Scott Cunningham Band. This album features scriptural truth along with high-quality music. (12/10 would recommend.) Playing worship music as I attempt my most stressful activities gives me peace to know that God is worthy of my trust.
  3. Blue Letter Bible: Y’all. I actually didn’t know about this app until I finished half of this post and a friend showed it to me. I think it’s going to rock my world. As my friend and I were reading through James 1, she looked the passage up on Blue Letter Bible. I’m new to this, but here’s what options come up as I click on a verse: cross references, translation comparison, commentaries (!!), Bible dictionaries, and concordances. The commentaries option is organized by author, and I just started listening to Elisabeth Elliot’s audio message covering James 1:3. How cool is that?? It also has an audio Bible option, which I might listen to as I exercise. If you can’t tell, I’m really excited to have this app.
  4. Notes/Evernote: Since I typically have trouble writing by hand (thanks, arthritis!), I usually take notes during church on my phone. For sermon notes, I use the Notes app that comes on the iPhone. This came in handy last week when I arrived somewhere too early and needed something to do…without using data. I just scrolled through some old sermon notes on my phone and was encouraged. I’ve also used Evernote when I want to take notes that will automatically sync to all my devices where I use my account. Sometimes I use Evernote to write out insomniac prayers and file them away in a certain notebook. It can be useful to have access to your conversations with God on your phone or laptop, even when you don’t have access to your handwritten journals.
  5. Backgrounds: Pinterest is filled with artsy pictures with scriptural truth. If you don’t already have a background that reminds you who God is or who you are in Christ, definitely hit up Pinterest (or also Caroline, creator of this blog who is an amazing artist!) I love having an image of what is eternally significant behind any notifications I may receive.
  6. Reminders: I don’t know about you, but I tend to ignore the background on my phone over time; sadly, I learn to overlook the scriptural truth that I intended to remind myself with. I use my Reminders app to remind me to email or call professors, doctors’ offices, friends who I keep forgetting to reply to, etc. So when a reminder pops up on my phone, I pay attention. A few days ago, I added a reminder that quotes part of Hebrews 13:5 (“Your life should be free from the love of money. Be satisfied with what you have, for He Himself has said, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you.'”) I set the reminder to go off every day at 1:00. The second day it popped up, I didn’t mark the circle that designates “completed” tasks. So now when it shows up, the reminder keeps track of how many days have passed since I set the reminder. Now I have an even better reminder of God’s faithfulness. He hasn’t left me today.  He didn’t leave me yesterday or the day before. Surely He won’t leave me now.

How are you using technology to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus? Feel free to share with The Grace Scripts Community!

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