Bodybuilding for the Heart

When someone works out, they do it with a goal in mind. Whether that is to lose weight, get bigger muscles, tone, or any goal they may have. Bodybuilders do everything they can to sculpt their bodies to look so muscular and toned. It is really a beautiful art. You get to see the muscles, veins, tendons, etc. that God created.

A trainer at the gym where I train and workout, named Douglas, is an inspiration to me. He is a little older, but is a bodybuilder. He eats plain oatmeal two to three times everyday. One of the many things that sets him apart from others, is his smile. He always has a smile, even when things are not the greatest. He welcomes me into the gym with a hug, a smile, and makes me laugh. He is an inspiration to many young and older men in the gym, by how he keeps himself in great shape. He pokes fun of me when I lift more than the guys do on the free weights(LOL). But it is only joking. He is an inspiration to me and it makes me smile to see him enjoy what he does so much.

Bodybuilding can be contrasted with our relationship with God. We need protein, to be fed, to train, to be stretched, etc. We need our daily quiet times and moments with the Lord. We need to be trained in righteousness, we go out and “stretch” our spiritual muscles when we encounter trials and difficult situations. God uses unique ways to test us and grow our faith. Sometimes, that’s through building us up from the group. Like bodybuilders, we can see our “spiritual muscles” “pop out” with the wisdom the Lord gives us as we learn His Word.

Just in case you have not heard this today, YOU ARE LOVED! Be joyful, even in the hard times, don’t lose heart. Joy in the journey!


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