The Gospel to the Hurting

When someone is hurting, whether emotionally, physically, or spiritually; they experience pain. What is pain? Google defines pain as physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. What is the gospel? The Gospel is the Good News of Christ and His love and sacrifice for our sins. Good news to a hurting and sad heart is medicine. Similarly, to how music is to someone who sings, or to someone who is in pain. The Gospel is defined in different ways to each person. To some, it is having a father, a mentor, or someone who will never leave you. To some, it is pure love, and unconditional. To ALL, it is HOPE. There are countless other ways the Gospel is portrayed to people. In my life, the Gospel is shown to me through mercy, love, hope, friendship and forgiveness. My mentor, Mrs. P., is the gospel to me.

Mrs. P. works with me, but, she is also my mentor and someone whom I look up to. When she walks into work, she always has a smile and greets others. I met her last school semester, and she has shared her wisdom with me since the first day. A while back, something happened in my life and it has taken a toll on my life in several ways. I told Mrs. P. about it, and asked for wisdom and prayer. She showed and continues to show me mercy by looking at the heart, rather than past mistakes. If I am having a rough time at work, or I do not understand something. She shows me how to do it and makes time to explain what and why we do it. She loves me by just being present, by always bringing joy and laughter to a conversation. She loves others so well. One way she does this, is by genuinely caring about someone and their well-being. She has taught me hope, by the way she has moved past trials in her life. Along with how she encourages me through my own trials. Mrs. P. displays friendship to me by having conversations, and how we update each other on what is happening in our lives. Lastly, Mrs. P. is the gospel to me in the form of forgiveness. This one is one of the few things that hits my heart and core. She sees me as the person I am today, and looks at the heart. Rather than looking solely at past mistakes. She shows me forgiveness, just as Christ showed her forgiveness. She is patient with myself and other employees. Mrs. P. is such an encouragement to me, and to countless others. She embodies the gospel in several different forms, and these are just a few.

The Gospel is the Good News of Christ, and Christians are a living image of Christ. We are the Gospel to each person we meet. How we act in situations, how we live on a day to day basis reflects what we believe and how we impact others. Make it count.

**Names were changed due to privacy**


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