Today, I Cried About Pancakes

Today, I cried about pancakes. Yup, you read that right. I – a 20 year old married woman – *cried* about pancakes.
FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegNo matter how hard I tried this morning all of my pancakes kept sticking to the pan and burning, I had to wash the pan of its burnt bits like three times, and finally (feeling so defeated) I asked my husband if he would finish the last two. [oh and of course his came out perfectly]
I walked upstairs, laid down on our bed and cried. Why the heck was I crying over burnt pancakes, you might ask? Well first off I’m just that kind of special woman. But secondly it wasn’t really about about the pancakes (is it ever about the problem at hand– can I get an amen ladies?).

Yet again, the control I wish I had over the events in my life, had slipped through my fingers. I want so desperately to be the perfect wife, perfect homemaker, perfect chef, that I missed out on the blessing of a lazy morning with my husband that the Lord was trying to give me.
Ladies, please hear me when I say this. >>We are not made to be perfect!!!<< God never wants us to be so consumed with this life that we beat ourselves up over BURNT PANCAKES! Ladies, the enemy will do ANYTHING to steal the joy and happiness we have in Christ! Don’t let him.

In those moments of tears, let them come, then pick yourself up off the floor and remind yourself that you, my dear, are the daughter of the King of Kings. He’s in total control of your life and he brings laughter into the memories of burnt pancakes and silly tears. My dear friend, He is faithful and He knows you better than anyone else. Run to him when the enemy se

ems to be winning and let the Holy Spirit calm your fears with the promise of victory and hope.
Also in case anyone was wondering, my pancakes were still delicious and I was crying and having a meltdown over nothing.You will get through this life friend, and when it feels like you can’t, I am always here!

Jenn (@jenn.alexx) is an author + creator for ||  Jenn attends Southeastern Seminary where she is learning and training to work in young women’s ministry. She and her husband live in North Carolina.

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