Singing Through Days of Sorrow

You know those weeks that you are so excited to get to Friday and then Friday ends up more like a Monday? It starts with a bruise that begins just below your knee and goes to your ankle, lingers in sad news + getting your car stuck an hour before a huge class and then having to still attend that 4 hour long class?

That was my Friday. I’ve cried, ALOT today. Today really just sucked all around.

But, I don’t want to turn this into a pity party. As I sat in my bedroom at 10 o clock tonight and turned my music on shuffle, Abide With Me came on.

The Lord abides with us. We have the promise that He will abide with us.

Because of that truth, all will be well.

His precious blood healed us, his faithful grace sealed us, his hands stretch forth to guide us. He gives grace through sweet testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness in precious friends lives, through 3 super kind ladies that help push your car out, through sweet high school students and Friday milkshakes with the fam.

When we pass through tribulation all must be well. He is faithful. He has been faithful and He will continue in his faithfulness to us. Praise the Lord.

He is faithful in the tear filled Fridays. Just look to him. He has proven time and time again that he is faithful. From guiding the Israelites out of Egypt to his death and glorious resurrection and all the days after that.

We can sing through the days of sorrow. There is GREAT hope ahead because the Lord abides with us. All must be well.

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