I Can Relate To Thomas’ Doubts

Have you ever looked at John 20 and seen the story of “doubting Thomas”? I can relate to Thomas’ doubts.

It is hard to believe when you don’t see or can’t see Jesus. The first thing Jesus says to Thomas in his doubts is, “Peace be with you.”


I love that Christ comes to us in our doubts, not with judgement but with love and grace. He has already taken care of the judgement on the cross. The fact that he comes to us with gentleness in our doubts lifted my heart this morning.

Does it encourage you? Whether you doubt Jesus is even real this week or doubt that he cares for you read John 20 about Thomas.

In 20:29 it says, “Jesus said to him, “Have you believed me because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” Jesus is talking about US in the last part of the verse. He knows how hard it is to believe in what you can’t see yet.

But one day, we will see him face to face. We are living in the already/not yet. Life is hard and sorrow and doubt are beside us on this journey. But we have his promise that His goodness and His great mercy will follow us all of our days.

Listen to the goodness, truth + wisdom in this sweet song by Indelible Grace!

Caroline (@caromedlin) is the founder of The Grace Scripts. She is passionate about women’s ministry, sharing in brokenness and pointing others to the hope that is sure to come because we serve a faithful Savior. She loves being barefoot, international adoption + being outside and on the water. She is currently studying Marketing at Middle Tennessee State University. An Atlanta native, she currently calls Nashville home.

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