Pro Life Does

I am pro life.

Chances are, if you follow my blog, you are pro life, too.

I want you to take a moment to think about your pro-life view. It’s no secret that you’re pro-life. Right? You post it on social media. You may even march in Washington D.C. or in your states capitol. Maybe you ridicule the parents who have aborted a baby, maybe you don’t.

6767f27d2b6c6fe995ce54d00ec86583But I want to talk about the empty pro life view that you have. Yes, you’re pro life. I am too.

Yes, God says to you and me (+ the babies that haven’t been born yet) that He knew you before He formed you in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5).

A child’s life matters. The Lord cares for the tiniest sparrows that are sold for a penny, are children not worth more than many sparrows? A child’s life matters.

But, your statement that you are pro life is empty. And it is not enough. Being pro life doesn’t just end there. What about the children in foster care and orphanages whose parents chose life?

Are you pro child? Are you pro adoption? Are you pro foster care?

Because there is more to pro life than a social media argument.

You are called to serve. You are called to take care of the least of these. And who are the least of these today? Are they not the orphans? Are they not the children in foster care? The ones whose parents are incarcerated? The ones who grow up without a father?

Yes, Christian, you are called to be pro life, but not in an empty way. You are called to be pro life in a big way.

As Mary Beth Chapman says, and I wholeheartedly agree, “Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to do something.”

IF you are a Christian you are called to be involved in adoption. You are called to be involved in foster care. You are called to be involved in the inner city kids’ lives.

This looks different for each of us.

Raising orphan awareness on campus with The Red Bus Project.

For some, it means that you pray.

Pray for the children in foster care. Pray for the families that are fostering. Pray for the teens and the single moms who chose life. Pray for the ones who aren’t sure if they are going to choose life. Pray for the families who are adopted. Pray for the children that are waiting to be adopted. Pray that the Lord will be glorified in this, that through this His name will be spread and that people will coming to a saving knowledge by grace through faith.

For some, it means that you give.

Give of your finances. Give of your talents. Give of your time. This looks like sponsoring children, financially supporting adoptions, donating ______. It looks like tutoring inner city kids, leading a backyard Bible Club, loving on sweet neighborhood kids at your church VBS, to organize a fundraiser, to babysit for families that have adopted so that they can go on that much needed date-night. It means men who love Jesus loving on sweet boys. It means investing. It means raising orphan awareness. It means giving sacrificially.

For others, it means that you go. You adopt. You foster. Across the street, across the US or across the globe.

Because there is more to loving than just words. Love Does. Being pro life does. 

Caroline (@caromedlin) is the founder of The Grace Scripts (@thegracescripts). She is a firm believer in adoption + loves intentional conversations. She is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University and majoring in Marketing. She plans to move to Louisville to attend Southern Seminary in the Spring of 2019, but for now calls Nashville home.

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