Scripture: The Ultimate Mirror

What is the first thing you do when you walk into your bathroom in the morning? What do you stop to do really fast before you’re running out the door to meet your friend for coffee, or that big business interview, or that date with the cute guy you met just the other week?

If you’re anything like me, you stop and look in the mirror. You don’t want to meet that guy when you have leftover salad in your teeth from lunch. And you don’t want to see your friend from your freshman year of college, the one you haven’t seen in years, if your hair is a mess or your lipstick is smudged.

Do you ever walk into the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, see something you don’t like and then just turn around and leave exactly the way you came in?

Of course not.

But, have you ever thought about the other mirrors in your life?

You have a couple of friend mirrors. The first one is the one who “isn’t as good as you”. The one that you can look into her life and make yourself feel better about yours. And then you look into the friend mirror that you could “never measure up to” and you loathe yourself because of that.

Similarly, you look into the social media mirror: the mirror where you look and see “perfection”. You see the things that you will never be able to do and the people that you will never measure up to.

You look into the mirror of the ideal woman when you flip open People magazine or look inside Vogue.

You look into the mirror of the ideal relationship whether thats from a couple pews back in church or through social media filters.

There are so many mirrors we look into on a daily basis. The mirror of:

  • the ideal grades
  • the best car
  • the dream job
  • the perfect family
  • the highest income
  • the ideal height, weight, size, shape
  • the ideal Fill in the blank

We are ALWAYS looking into mirrors of other people’s lives, trying to figure out what we should change. How we should be.

Instead, we ought to look to Christ.

James 1:23 shows us that Scripture is like a mirror. This is where you can find a TRUE reflection of yourself. But to truly know our reflection we have to SPEND time in the Word of the Lord + truly STUDY it with our hearts + our minds. And when you look in that mirror you need to be willing to change what is wrong.

Don’t you dare walk away unchanged because it is too painful.


For the one who looks into the perfect law, the law of liberty, and perseveres, being no hearer who forgets but a doer who acts, he will be blessed in his doing, (James 1:25).

Caroline (@caromedlin) is the founder of The Grace Scripts (@thegracescripts). She is a firm believer in adoption + loves intentional conversations. She is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University + majoring in Marketing. She currently calls Nashville home.

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