The Hero Summoned by Caroline Ellis


guest blog.

Recently while listening to a classical radio station, the beautifully orchestrated piece, familiar to anyone who has watched the Olympics was played at its full six minute length. The grand trumpeted opening followed by a booming pound of a drum with its deep, resounding notes played proudly through my car speakers.

It is the kind of music that moves a person and makes you feel as if you’re about to see something magnificent. It was not until later that I researched the song and discovered that the piece was written by composer, John Williams in 1996. The name of the piece was “Summon the Heroes.”

I was moved by the name, and at first I didn’t really know why. I then listened to the song again and soon realized the name gave the notes context. The grandeur of the song’s opening made sense and it was easy to imagine a series of decorated heroes walking into a ceremony to be recognized for their well-earned greatness.

With this new perspective I was able to more fully appreciate the beautiful piece, but it got me thinking. Why had the name affected me so? I began thinking about what heroes do, put simply, a hero is someone who saves. I think the “saving” part is what resonated with me most because it made me think of Jesus and what He has done for the world and what He has done for me. By His grace I know just how desperately I need a hero. I need the Hero. The name, “Summon the Heroes”, shows a need and urgency. It shows that the problem is too big, too great to handle and that outside help is the only hope of victory.

Thankfully God knew this broken world needed a Hero before it even realized it. He ordained that He would save His people from their sins through the blood of His Son, Jesus. Now He summons us to share in His victory and to worship and glorify Him.

As I listened to the song another time, I could not help but think of Jesus in heaven, sitting on his throne with all majesty, power and dominion. What a beautiful picture! Our hope is secure.

Look no further, your Hero is already come and He summons you!

Jude 1:24-25


CIMG_4584.jpegaroline (_caroline.ellis) is a senior public relations major at University of Alabama. She is passionate about writing and sharing the truth and hope of the Gospel. Growing up in a military family (from England to Utah and everywhere in between) has given Caroline a heart for ministering to those who live far away from home and those who do not feel like they belong. She is currently involved in the international RUF ministry at Alabama.

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