Finding “Superman”

Heading into another semester of school, God has placed this concept of “Superman” in my heart. We all know the stereotype! Clark Kent, flying around in an awesome cape and saving the world from massive destruction! A hero everyone can rally behind. I’ve got news for you today!

Jesus wants to be that hero for us!

I was raised to be independent. Everything about society around me preached about doing things on your own; never rely on anyone but yourself. A culture which fostered the lie, strong women can handle anything thrown at them on their own. By that logic, I shouldn’t need help or guidance. I don’t want to be a burden to someone. No one wants to hear my problems! I shouldn’t need a “superman” to rest my head on. This is possibly one of the BIGGEST lies the Enemy can throw at us as a generation of women. The bible says, “pride comes before a fall.” If there is one thing I have learned about myself, it’s that pride is a major struggle for me. By default, my flesh internalizes EVERYTHING and always tries to work a problem without anyone’s help. While I may think I’m being strong, that’s my pride kicking in.


I’m not without faults, and I cannot do life on my own. None of us can! It’s not the way God created us! We NEED help. Our God is a gentleman. Like any gentleman, He won’t do anything without us giving Him the authority to do so. We have to go to him for help.

Our God is unlike any other in that He wants to foster a RELATIONSHIP with us! A big part of any relationship is communication. I had this “Ah-ha!” moment a couple of weeks ago while talking to my friend. He was deeply hurt I didn’t come to him with an insecurity I was having about a situation. I waited until it was resolved to even mention it to him. That’s what I’m used to! Isolation has become comfortable for me. I felt like a terrible person bringing my struggles to other people. He quickly called out my isolation for the pile of horse poop it was. “Bethany, let’s get one thing straight,” he told me.

“As a guy, I love it when you bring your problems to me! It makes me feel like Superman! Even if all I can do is listen and pray, I want to know what’s going on.”

This revelation hit me in a way I had never thought about before! God WANTS us to bring our problems to Him!

Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your cares at the feet of God, and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

God desires for us to lean on him! To humble ourselves and realize, “Hey! I’m not some demi-god, after all! I do need help!” Part of doing this comes in realizing ITS OKAY TO NEED HELP! Kick out the mentality of always needing to be perfect. Let Jesus take your problems in his hands and have them die on the cross with Him! All he’s ever wanted is to be our Superman! We just have to let Him! God won’t barge into the strongholds of our heart without permission. He’s a gentleman! We have to be open to Him! Don’t let the Enemy belittle you by separating you from your Superman.

Bethany Anna

Bethany is a Huntsville, AL native. Her love of travel coupled with her heart for the nations and sharing the Gospel with each and every one have influenced her to major in international relations at MTSU. You can usually find her in the school library, a local coffee shops or a book stores. Two of her favorite book stores are The Grumpy Book Peddler and Mckays. She is passionate about teaching women the importance of studying the Bible and getting back to Biblical feminism.

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