Write With Us

Do you have something you feel like the Lord has really impressed upon your heart to share with other women?

Do you think that Instagram needs less perfect, photoshopped, over-edited pictures and more real-life, in between snapshots of moments?

Change starts right now, right here with us. It starts with building a community. It starts with us changing our social media stories. It starts with realizing you are perfectly and wonderfully made by a perfect Creator who does not make mistakes.

Feel free to shoot us an email (thegracescripts@gmail.com) or drop a comment below with a blog post idea or photographs! We love sharing the real life moments. The moments of brokenness, the sweet chapters of God’s redeeming love, and the beautiful hope that grows and changes into perseverance and produces character.

Feel free to just drop in a “hello!”, too! Connecting is what we are all about! We would not be here without YOU!